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Aerial View of Islands
Aerial View of Islands

Our Programs

Let's Explore The World Around Us!

Learning Through Play

  •  Music

  • Art

  • Physical Education

  • Math and Science

  • Literature

  • Yoga

  • Introduction to French 

With an environment that encourages independence, the small size of classrooms and ratio ensures individual attention and care to each child. 

3D Turtle Puzzle_edited.png
The Four Foundations 

•Belonging: Encouraging children to feel part of a community, fostering exploration and learning.
• Well-being: Ensuring a child's safety, health, and support in all aspects of life.
• Engagement: Encouraging children's involvement and interest in their activities and surroundings.
• Expression: Encouraging diverse ways of communication to help children express themselves and understand others.
Dinosaur Fight


Painting Class


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